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Network Attached Storage Solution (NASS)

Tech Specification

Software for secure, easy-to-use network attached storage

TeamF1’s SecureF1rst Network Attached Storage software is available as a stand-alone pre-packaged turnkey NAS software solution, or an add-on module that offers network storage and sharing services in a secure local-area network environment. With advanced features such as user-based access control, intuitive graphical user interface and media streaming features, SecureF1rst NASS offers an innovative network storage solution with built-in applications for end-users to easily store, share and manage information across the network devices. SecureF1rst NASS enables OEMs, ODMs and service providers to deliver a state-of-the-art network storage solution for a secure data sharing experience to the end-customers.

Integrated Network Connectivity and Disk Mgmt
SecureF1rst NASS supports sharing of data across multiple heterogeneous network devices enabling seamless data sharing and management which OEMs/ODMs can offer in a comprehensive storage solution. SecureF1rst NASS-enabled OEM devices have the ability to provide innovative storage services with advanced, yet easy-to-use authentication, access control and encryption security for end-users. SecureF1rst NASS turnkey solutions sport a dynamic user interface based on Web 2.0 technologies that allows for browsing files and folders in an intuitive manner. It pulls together sophisticated media storage and flexible sharing capabilities that let end-users enjoy seamless and secure connectivity. SecureF1rst NASS has options to manage multiple storage media, both built-in and external, with varied bus interfaces including IDE, Compact Flash, SATA, e-SATA and USB, and different storage types such as hard-disks and flash disks.

UPnP AV & DLNA Media Devices
SecureF1rst NASS supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standards for a “zero configuration” setup of the device as a media server or controller to allow one-touch media sharing and management. SecureF1rst NASS supports all popular media file types with features such as playing, pausing, stopping and controlling volume of media on a player, from the central media controller integrated in the GUI. Not only this, SecureF1rst NASS also supports creation of centralized playlists to save media playlists from media on different network devices and playing them together on different media renderers, when desired.

Disk Management
SecureF1rst NASS includes some innovative disk management features. It supports assigning disk and partition quotas to individual users and groups to meet security requirements and availability of space for efficient management of resources. It also supports all popular file-system format types including ext2, ext3, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS, so it can easily adapt to and share disks that may have been used as direct-attached storage with various host OSes (such as Windows®, MacOS, Linux, UNIX etc) without needing to reformat or initialize it for use as a NAS disk. It also includes an option to backup a shared disk’s selected content in the cloud using services such as Amazon S3 and other popular online services that can be enabled with dynamic applications. Automatic backups on other local area network storage devices or on direct-attached storage can also be enabled. SecureF1rst NASS is unique in its support for preserving the information related to shared folder status, disk attributes and access rights, even if a disk is removed, used on a host and then re-attached, making it easier for users to use external disks across devices without losing such metadata.

User Based Access Control
SecureF1rst NASS delivers the capability to provide disk, partition and files/folder access based on user credentials supplied, and lets administrators define rights for different users and groups. Access rights such as read/write permissions and access to files and folders define the view of the attached storage disk for different users along with enabling them to perform the actions based on their access permissions.

Download Manager
Another key feature of SecureF1rst NASS is its built-in download manager functionality that helps users download content from the Internet using URLs for torrents, HTTP and FTP downloads and other links. It enables download of files from the Internet to a chosen location on the attached storage or elsewhere on the network immediately or per a predefined schedule without depending on individual networked PCs to be powered on to manage the download. The download manager lets users pause and resume individual download sessions, retry connections when network connectivity is lost and manage downloads from a GUI that displays the detailed status and allows easy editing of download parameters.

Extensive Support for Transport Protocols
SecureF1rst NASS supports numerous file transfer protocols including Common Internet File System (CIFS, also known as “SMB” Server Message Block or Windows printer/file sharing for Windows users), Network File System (NFS, for Linux/UNIX system users), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS, browser based file access) and Apple File System (AFS, for Mac users). This enables SecureF1rst NAS-powered devices to be accessible from any operating system on the network and using its native transport protocols.

Network Authentication
SecureF1rst NASS optionally integrates with a variety of network authentication protocols to offer a protected environment to users when accessing network storage disks with their user credentials. Authentication protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory, RADIUS and NT based domain authentication are available for integration with SecureF1rst NAS for safe and secure authentication in SOHO or business networks, while simplified local user credential management allows for security of data in home area networks. SecureF1rst NASS also supports Windows domain and workgroup membership for making its disks accessible from Windows operating systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative feature-set for home and business network attached storage.
  • Seamless, standards-based media sharing through UPnP A/V and DLNA.
  • Flexible network storage add-on applications using the built-in OSGI framework.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive graphical user interface for standard users, with a CLI available for advanced users.
  • Full media controller (DMC) functionality via device management GUI (web-based, and adaptable to other display devices and web-apps on mobile platforms) for controlling the streaming of media from various networked media servers to renderers.
  • Support for both built-in & external drives with varied interfaces - IDE, SATA, USB and others.
  • Easy management of centralized media playlists using TeamF1’s HomeDJ OSGi application.
  • Disk management with automatic and manual backup and user based access control.
  • Rich applications such as a download manager and option to install other OSGi based apps dynamically.
  • Print server support with advanced features.
  • Extensive and customizable logging and statistics information.
  • Support for numerous file transfer protocols such as CIFS, NFS, AFS, FTP, SFTP and HTTP.
  • Ability to integrate with authentication servers such as Kerberos, Active Directory and RADIUS.

OS Platforms: Linux®, VxWorks® and other OSs.
Hardware platforms: MIPS®, ARM / Xscale®, PowerPC®, x86.

The SecureF1rst Advantage
Besides being offered as a standalone solution, NASS can also be integrated with other members of TeamF1’s SecureF1rst line of turnkey solutions to offer a comprehensive business or home networking and storage experience in devices with other primary functionality such as routers and Wi-Fi APs. With NAS features available in SecureF1rst’s other networking and security solutions, it can offer high-performance and secure storage services in the device, alongside other advanced networking features.

Print Server
Besides sharing of data and media, another common resource that home and business network users need shared access to is printers. Making cost-effective USB or other direct-attached printers available on the network enables users to use print services from any network PC for added flexibility, and when combined with wireless AP functionality, it also allows for mobility within the networked environment. SecureF1rst NASS powered network storage devices can convert any USB-printer (including multiple printers being connected simultaneously directly or through a USB hub) into an easy-to-use yet ubiquitous network printer. A standard printer driver on the host PC can be used to connect to such a network printer without requiring any additional software, and users can additionally enjoy advanced features such as fine-grained control of print jobs such as deleting or moving jobs among SecureF1rst NASS connected printers, printing a test page and starting / stopping services for individual printers. SecureF1rst NASS also supports network printer discovery and URL-based access to the attached printer.

Statistics, Logging and Diagnostics
SecureF1rst NASS allows logging of activities that can be viewed by the administrators on demand for analysis, and for periodic reports as well as event-based alerts. Email alerts for disk space, usage and periodic statistics such as bytes transferred and connected users can be configured by the administrators and can also be viewed through the GUI of a SecureF1rst NASS turnkey solution in an easy manner. SecureF1rst NASS supports reporting of disk errors and health statistics through Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). SMART enables diagnostic disk information to reach administrators for analysis quickly so they may take appropriate action in a timely and informed manner (backups, for example) if the health of the disk is deteriorating.

NAS Security Features
SecureF1rst NASS also differentiates itself from its competitors with its rock-solid security features that form an integral part of TeamF1’s SecureF1rst solutions. SecureF1rst NASS security features include:

  • Authentication support to easily integrate any authentication protocol including Kerberos, RADIUS, Access Directory, LDAP and NT based domain authentication. Authentication only allows users whose identity is proven to access and modify the content that they are authorized for.
  • Rights and access control based on users and groups, access control list policy settings and inactivity time-out from the central GUI.
  • SFTP and HTTPS support for securely accessing files and folders on the network over SSH and SSL respectively.
  • MAC address filtering to allow only known network devices to access the shared disks.

Intuitive and easy-to-use GUI
TeamF1 SecureF1rst solutions offer easy-to-use graphical user interface tailored to suit both novice and advanced users for enhanced user experience. The GUI features include:

  • User friendly, browser-based intuitive file browsing, media control and device management.
  • Interactive wizard based first-time disk setup with default and user defined attributes.
  • Advanced AJAX-enabled web management powered by TeamF1's DynaMO (Dynamic Management Objects) technology.
  • Interactive features including dynamic refresh, RSS feeds and search tags for enhanced user experience.

Aggravation-free GUI branding
TeamF1 offers easy branding of its end-user visible management interfaces, including the ability to co-brand or customize device functionality for other service providers or partners to address various target markets, all without firmware changes and hence avoiding any QA. Options include:

  • Support for multiple themes that provide an OEM-branded look and feel with no programming or HTML changes.
  • Support for multiple GUI skins that provide GUI design customization beyond the use of OEM-branded colors and graphics, while requiring no code changes or retesting.
  • Advanced user interface control requiring some programming—using documented APIs supported by the flexible management infrastructure. This enables options such as dynamic graphics, Flash, and Java that provide the ultimate in branding with a unique look and feel.

Flexible Licensing
TeamF1’s embedded software products are licensed with very flexible terms from cost-effective object-code licenses to full-source licenses to best suit our customers' financial and technology requirements, with production-license fee as well as royalty-free options available.

Customization Flexibility
SecureF1rst NASS is based on well-integrated modular technologies that fulfill end-product requirements technically as well as from the perspective of each device’s look and feel. TeamF1's solution engineering team specializes in integrating and customizing our technologies into branded, ready-to-deploy turnkey solutions meeting specific market requirements.

Technical Specifications

Disk Bus Interfaces

  • IDE / ATA
  • Compact Flash
  • SATA / e-SATA
  • USB
  • Others

File Transfer Protocol Support

  • NFS
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • AFS

File systems

  • ext2/ext3
  • FAT16/FAT32
  • NTFS


  • Media files supported:
  • Video files: asf, avi, dv, divx, wmv, mjpg, mjpeg, mpeg, mpg, mpe, mp2p, vob, mp2t, m1v, m2v, m4v, m4p, mp4ps, ts, ogm, mkv, rmvb, mov, qt, hdmov
  • Audio files: aac, ac3, aif, aiff, at3p, au, snd, dts, rmi, mp1, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpa, ogg, wav, pcm, lpcm, l16, wma, mka, ra, rm, ram, flac
  • Image files: bmp, ico, gif, jpeg, jpg, jpe, pcd, png, pnm, ppm, qti, qtf, qtif, tif, tiff

Print Server

  • Support for all printers
  • UNC URL and TCP port based access
  • Multiple printer support
  • Individual printer job control
  • Moving print jobs among printers
  • Test page printing
  • Spool configuration control

Statistics and Logging

  • Syslog, email logs, periodic logs and event logs
  • Statistics on files and bytes transferred
  • Email files directly from NAS
  • List of connected users for each share, ability to disconnect them

Security Features

  • ACL policy support
  • Secure management via HTTPS and SSH (SFTP)
  • Network authentication protocol support
  • Kerberos, RADIUS, Active Directory, LDAP, NT based domain authentication
  • Inactivity time-out
  • Owner and group based access control for read-write permissions on disks Print Server
  • Support for all printers
  • UNC URL and TCP port based access
  • Multiple printer support
  • Individual printer job control
  • Moving print jobs among printers
  • Test page printing
  • Spool configuration control

Management & Administration

  • Intuitive, easily brandable browser based GUI
  • Ability to move storage between NAS device and direct attachment to PC
  • Multiple profiles and rights management
  • Localization and Internationalization
  • Save/Restore configuration settings
  • Admin inactivity timeout
  • Command line device management
  • SNMP based device access
  • WebDAV support for collaboratively editing & managing files using HTTP

Streaming Media Services for iTunes & Roku

  • Support for WMA, MP3, AAC, FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, Apple Lossless
  • Streaming music files to Roku SoundBridge, iTunes clients
  • Home Media Director for forming global playlist with support Playlists - Support for processing m3u, and iTunes Playlist