TeamF1 SecureF1rst Products

Today's embedded systems are increasingly built by integrating pre-existing software modules, allowing OEMs to focus their efforts on their core competitive advantage - the embedded device's application. The first wave was the move towards standard commercial and open-source operating systems replacing home-grown ones. The next one is the move to well-designed, pre-fabbed, configurable building blocks of software IP which just plug into the operating environment for the application. TeamF1's focus on building modular software products that are pre-integrated with the hardware and operating systems they support ensures that you can spend more time using the functionality in the way that best suits your need, rather than "porting" it to your environment. We help you drop our SecureF1rst modules into your embedded software application with a minimum amount of effort using a streamlined and simplified licensing model that includes royalty-free distribution and full source code.

SecureF1rst Family of Embedded Software SolutionsTurnkey Products

Fundamentals of the SecureF1rst concept

  • The SecureF1rst concept enables OEMs to select different types of validated software modules to meet their specific needs.
  • TeamF1's professional services offering is a key ingredient in the SecureF1rst family of solutions.
  • Experienced software engineers develop:
    • Specific features such as BSPs, bootloaders, hardware accelerators, drivers, and integrate third-party software modules.
    • Customized, or "branded", end-user management interfaces in cost-effective ways.

Linux and VxWorks platforms are both supported under the SecureF1rst umbrella. Hardware platforms include ARM/Xscale, MIPS, PowerPC, and x86.

SecureF1rst Turnkey Solution Products

TeamF1's SecureF1rst family of embedded software solutions gives OEMs/ODMs the ability to bring to market differentiated, leading-edge devices for the small-to-medium business (SMB) market segment - and do it with much less risk than was previously possible. By utilizing the SecureF1rst collection of components, OEMs can specify customized target applications - including drivers, OS, networking and security protocols, and end-user management interfaces to run on OEMs' choice of hardware. The result: standard, field-tested software solutions in a production-ready custom package, with all hardware/software integration, porting, testing, and validation completed by TeamF1.



SecureF1rst Module Products

TeamF1's networking and security technologies enable innovations in key communications and industrial infrastructure equipment. TeamF1 offers a complete networking and security platform tailored to the embedded OEM/ODM market with well-integrated modular technologies including an IPv4/IPv6 network stack, Wi-Fi® capable components and various complementary switching and security technologies.